Rated: PG

Running Time: 131 Minutes

Year: 1983 

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence:  Oh Octopussy!



The second James Bond movie of the last weekend.  Spike was running their James Bond Thanksgiving weekend, so I decided to try to catch up on some.  I only got to watch Octopussy.  Maybe next year.   I was 6 years old when this came out.  I am not sure I thought much about the name then, but later on, when I was a bit older, the name sounded scary and hot all at once.  I am sure this is exactly why the name was chosen, to be scary and hot, but it just doesn't seem appealing to me any longer.  I don't want to know exactly what an Octopussy is, and I am pretty sure I do not want to see one either. 

This was a Roger Moore Bond film.   I can see why so many complained about him as Bond.  He has horrible jokes, was slow and chubby.  He seemed too American to me.  Everything about him seemed quite unimpressive.  I am not a Roger Moore Bond fan I can tell.   

The movie was about as exciting as a 1983 mid budget movie with a chubby, American/English man playing a spy, dealing with a conflict on an island of women in red spandex jump suits could be.   I guess that is probably not true, because that sounds really exciting, and this movie, wasn't so much.  It might have been in 1983, but in 2006 standards it was just ok.  However it held my attention for most of the movie.  Which is better than I expected.  I guess that doesn't help much.   I would say.     This is not one to add to your queue unless you are a bond fan.   

3 stars 

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