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Brokeback Mountain

Rated: R Running Time: 134 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Two pairs One Sentence: There is this one scene with some man spit as lubrication. I have been avoiding Brokeback. Not because of the gayness, but because it is about a gay relationship. It has very little I can empathize and associate with. Also it looked […]

Final Destination 3

Rated: R Running Time: 93 minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Two Pairs One Sentence: It's like Final Destination 1 and 2, except with a Roller Coaster. When you get to part 3 of a series, you better have something new for it. Otherwise, it's just not really that interesting. Even with the Final Destination series, I […]

November Film Club "The Lake House"

Link goes to netflix to add it to your queue. The Lake house is our November Film Club Movie. In case you don’t know, I started a film club, where we watch one movie a month, and then we all discuss it here at the end of the month, so you have a while to […]

Saw II

Rated: R Running Time: 93 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: I know that Saw III just came out, but I have a hard time seeing Saw because the GF refuses to watch it. For my birthday I got to watch Saw II. YAY! I was alone however. Boo. But that is ok, at […]

The Hills Have Eyes. (Film Club)

Here it is our first film club, lets see how many of you ACTUALLY watched this. You may write your reviews however you like, write anything you like about the movie. Please do not insult other peoples opinions. As they are just opinions, you can disagree, but don’t call them a chicken fucker too. I […]

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