Rated: R

Running Time: 139 Minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: Lots of tribal ones

One Sentence:  A smaller story than I thought.  

Blood, hearts, testicles, death, murder, rape, animal death, and birth,  are just some of the things you are going to encounter in this movie.   I thought I might give you a little glimpse into what is going on here, because it was a lot to take in and not expected.  If you are going to go see this you have to be ready for all of that.  

I know this blood thing has become Mel's bread and butter, but it was excessive.  Excessive to the point of humor.  It past real, and treaded into Kill Bill, or Troma gore.  Put there to not show realism and accuracy and to portal the feelings these people felt, but to do something else.  Something which I am not even sure of.  So be prepared for the bloodfest if you go to see it.  Which contrary to what the article has portrayed thus far, is my recommendation.   

This film, about the Mayan people, is not about the rise and fall of the civilization which I thought it was about.  It is just about a family, and a man, and what happened to him for a short time.   The period is just 2 or 3 days.  I was expecting an epic and I got something else.  It was not bad and the movie does quite well in the story it tells.  I thought it was a fine movie, with characters I cared about, and feelings that I think were supposed to be there.  I think any adult here as long as you can get past the gore will enjoy the movie.  Enjoy might be the wrong word, you will appreciate the movie.  I would say it is no where near as good as Braveheart, but this one has it's own story and feel and it does well in everything it does.   

I think it can totally be a renter for those on the maybe go see it in the theater fence.  While it is pretty and sounds great, I do not think it was powerful enough for most of you to drop the 20 bucks at the theater.  Add it to the queue and watch it the day it comes out.  

4 stars

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