The Reviewer’s Best and Worst of 2006!

It's that time of the year again where we review, as almost everyone does and go over our Best and Worst lists.  The Reviewer is no exception.  I have my best and worst list for 2006.  The movies I think you must see, and those that you should completely steer clear of.  I will also be including 1 best and worst from TV.  This post is also being submitted to For their Reviews and Predictions Group Writing Project.  Check out all the other submissions over there, for a huge range of blogger goodness. 


The Worst of 2006



#5: Beerfest  – In what I thought to be the most disappointing movie of the year.  Beerfest let me down so hard.  I was expecting so much and there was just so little.  I really thought that this was going to be as good or better than Super Troopers.  I was way wrong.


The Lake House

#4:  The Lake House – Horrible acting by both Sandy and Keanu left me missing a bus and Dennis Hopper.  This movie let down in so many ways.  Especially with such a good idea.  So Sad.  


The Pink Panther

#3: The Pink Panther  –  It could of been a lot better than it was.  After the voice jokes, you really had nothing there.  It just didn't make it.  With such a good cast too.  So very sad. 



#2: Nacho Libre – Boring, just plan boring and not funny at all.  


Date Movie

Worst Movie Of The Year: Date Movie – Poor Allison, she tries so hard to make it, but this movie wasn't even saved by her cuteness.  Luckily she has a TV show now.   Hopefully she can bury this past below a million Buffy conventions.  


Worst TV Show Of The Year:  American Inventor – This horrible show that might of been good except for the horrible cast of judges, totally lost the show for everyone.  No one liked them, and the show that was meant to inspire more discouraged and annoyed.  


The Best of 2006!


 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

#5: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest –  Captain Jack is just too hard to resist.  He brought it, and I can't wait until Memorial Day to find out what happened!


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

#4: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – If you have not heard no seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, do yourself a favor and add it to the queue.  Smart, witty, funny, cool, hip, sexy and awesome.  This movie is jammed pack fill of all that and more. 


Mission Impossible: III

#3: Mission Impossible III – Unrelenting action.  Non-stop.  Tom Cruise did not annoy.  Way more than I ever expected it to be.  This one was a surprise for sure.  It get's my #3 best of the year. 



#2: Cars – Pixar does it again with Cars.  I thought I wasn't going to like this one very much, but I loved it.  Amazing art, wonderful animation, good story, fun characters, and lots of laughs.  Rent this one, and let the kids see it too. 


V For Vendetta

Best Movie Of The Year:  V For Vendetta – Amazing.  The only movie besides Cars that I will buy for my home library this year.  A stunning look at a future that is not too far off.  Do not let the odd preview set you off of this one.  It is the best movie of the year.   


Best TV Show Of The Year:  Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip – I do not watch a lot of TV, so I might have missed better, but I love Studio 60.  Funny and smart, cool people and cool situations.  I think it is so worth watching and will be back after the season break for Christmas, I think you should check it out!  

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