Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa

Rated: PG

Running Time: 102 Minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence:  Rocky Balboa is an American institution.   

I have not seen Rocky III, but I assume it is like all the other Rocky movies except for V.  So my broad generalization of all the Rocky movies, is not necessarily 100% studied.  However I think there is something about them that for some reason makes people not turn them off.  The underdog feel I think is most likely what it is.  There is something that causes you to care, and want to see him excel and win and do good and all those things we look for in a hero.  He is up against all odds, yet, he wins, most of the time.  It is exciting, powerful, and in the end gets you out of your seat and chant Rocky with the crowd. 

Rocky Balboa does it again.  It is amazing in what seems like the same plot 4 other times, can get you to still be interested and still love it when the montage music turns on.  In my audience people cheered and chanted during the movie.  They loved it and believed again, that he can overcome anything.  

The script has tons of elements we have seen before.  However we see new things.  A more subtle Rocky, a more humble script, and a look at life as we get older.  That we are still able to say I am, and that even at age 50 something, we can do things that no one says can be done.  The story I think will ring too for many.  The story works, does not seem pathetic, and a man just trying to cash in one more time.   

I liked the movie very much and think you all should rent it for sure.  If you are a Rocky fan, then go see it in the theater, because I think it is worth it.  Very good all around.   

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