The Z List

So, now that I am in the blogging community, I have to join into that community a little bit more than I did on LJ.  This means that sometimes, you are going to see things here that are not 100% movie related, but I find them to be interesting/relevant to blogging as a blogger, or just neat stuff.   Right now, there is a debate about Technorati and how they rate sites.  It's based on how many other sites link to you.  This could work or not work, because of just people listing links.  For example the Z-list.  This is a list of other blogs that have joined the Z-list, and the list gets bigger as anyone adds new blogs to the list they think are worthy of being added.   Just grab the list, post it and add any new blogs to it you think are worthy.  Also check out the list of blogs, there are a lot of interesting ones to just check out!

So here’s the list:


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