Amazing Race All Stars List


Not only do I watch movies, on occasion I watch TV.  Not nearly as much as some, as I am always watching movies, but one show I do watch is [tag]The Amazing Race[/tag].  Which I consider the best reality TV show on TV.   This season they are doing an all star show and below is your list of who is on it.   The list I feel is more of an all star cast than a ratings cast which I think is nice.  All the teams they brought back brought their A game in the season they played.  So for that I am appreciative.  However they brought back Rob and Amber from Survivor and AR.   I think they are done and I can not stand them.  The season starts Feb. 18th on CBS. 


TAR1: Kevin & Drew, Bill & Joe

TAR2: Oswald & Danny

TAR3: Teri & Ian, Johnvito & Jill

TAR5: Charla & Mirna

TAR7: Uchenna & Joyce, Rob & Amber

TAR9: Eric & Danielle

TAR10: David & Mary, Dustin & Kandice


  • evilangel

    Ugh! I so can’t stand the blondes! I hope someone slaps them this time around for their nastiness!

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