Fearless Movie Review

Fearless poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 103 Minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: Jet Li's last martial arts epic.

I have been spoiled with a couple of movies.  Hero and Crouching Tiger, have led me to become a jaded watcher of Martial Arts movies.  Tiger was my first experience with a wire-fu martial arts movie.  Might have been my first experience with any type of Asian martial art's movie.  I had never seen old Kung Fu movies.  I just got one of the best the first time, so now everything is compared against that, and Hero, which I thought was amazing.

Fearless, has nothing wrong with it.  The story is worth telling, and is thoughtful and reflective.  The martial art's are well done, and did not have a overdone polished look to them.  The movie had all the elements it needed to and that I was expecting.  It just didn't have anything more and made me just feel ok.  I can not say anything bad about the movie.  I just can't really say that it was an amazing piece of martial arts work, that would be left as Jet Li's last and best film.   

There were no particular scenes that took your breath away.  There was nothing inventive, or outside of the street and shop fights that we have come to know in these types of movies.   It seems that with a billing of Jet Li's last martial arts epic, that we would see something maybe just one scene that was memorable.  There was nothing like that.  It fit into a expected format and executed that format.  It is completely rentable, but just don't expect something amazing.   

3 stars 

  • brentonf

    I have just seen this film for first time..I am not into martial arts ,so maybe first I have seen.The story was a simple timeless one,well told and beautifully filmed.
    The scene in the rice padi where the planters stopped to feel and breeZe and straighten up,whilst the fallen hero still kept trying to win…albeit to beat the others at rice planting…was was very relevant in tracking the path to elightenment.
    I enjoyed the theme…not so much the contrived martial arts

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