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American Idol Logo Of course I watch American Idol, it is the most popular show in the world.  I at least watch the first episodes of the show.  See if I like anyone.  See the really bad singers, and see the crazy people.  Like the crying girl that could not sing last night from New York.  CRAZY!  Something happened last night that made me really really like the show a lot more.   There was about 20 minutes when Simon Cowell wasn't there.  He had a hangover and didn't show up.  I am not going to even get into the lack of professionalism that shows right there.  


We all know he is a tool, and plays the big tool part to keep his spot on the show.  Clinging to what I guess is a talent.  However when he was not on the show last night, and it was Randy, Paula and Carol (whom all have had singing careers) the quality of judging went way up and the quality of repetitive slander and lower brow TV went WAY DOWN.   It was an amazing breath of fresh air.  The people who were auditioning were not bashed for just trying.  They were not called a "bush baby" or some other of the very few non-repetative statements he makes on the show.  Here is a complete catalog of everything he has said this season so far.  

"appalling," "rubbish," "I am not being rude, but *insert rude comment here*," "what was that,"  "I could care less."

I am tired of him, he is most of the time wrong about who is right and wrong for the competition.  He passed on Taylor Hicks last season.  He does not provide anything useful to anyone.   He is not a productive element to the show at all, and is there only for ratings.  While that might have been true before, I think it is time to move on.  I enjoy much more the celebrity judges, Jewel, and Carol.  Those who sing and know singing.  I enjoy the singers working with new people and a focus on the singers.  I especially enjoyed the 20 minutes last night that were without Simon Cowell.  More focus on those good and bad singers, without the 10th grade insults that are not necessary and really are getting tired, and extremely repetitive.   And if you are one that really wants Simon to stay all you have to do is take the quotes above and repeat one of them in British accent and you will have Simon in your living room.

There is a forum post here about asking for a apology for all of the judges behavior.   

Also you can write here if you agree and have something to say.  If someone knows an e-mail address please tell me. 

FOX Broadcasting Co.
P.O. Box 900
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