The Tao Of Steve Movie Review

The Tao Of Steve

Rated: R

Running Time: 87 Minutes

Year: 2000

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence:  Hey that guy is in Ghost Rider

His name is [tag]Donal Logue[/tag] and he supposedly gained 100 pounds for the part.  I think it looked like a fat suit, but he could of actually gained the weight.  This guy was in that Fox sitcom Grounded for life, which I really liked.  He is now in Knights of Prosperity which I have heard is good, and he will have a fairly large supporting part in Ghost Rider.   I have seen this movie around, I have even thought about renting it.  I just never got around to adding it.  Lib added it to her queue.  We both agree, that you all do not need to add it to your queue and might want to remove it, if it is already in there. 

This slow, low budget, so-so romantic movie, that I do not think is funny, but might be a romantic comedy leaves a lot to be desired.  Like acting ability, or a script that doesn't include "Oh my god" 87 times.   I am sure I am one to talk about saying repetitive things in written form.  It just wasn't very good in any of the things I am looking for in a romantic comedy.   Not very funny.  Not very sexy.  Not very smart.  Not very goofy.  It was just very much like the main character, stoned and laid back.   Everyone was way too chill, and no one really got upset.  Even when someone was supposed to be upset, it was still this muted lack of emotional scene, that I didn't believe, or really care about.  

I am not giving this even a maybe recommendation.  I think it is completely skippable for most people, and you need to keep an eye out for it, because for some reason netflix loves to recommend this movie to everybody.  It always pops up on your recommendations.   So watch out, check your queue, and take it out.  

2 stars 

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