Smokin’ Aces Movie Review

Smokin Aces

Rated: R

Running Time: 109 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: One Pair

One Sentence: It's like a hitman movie with musicians for hitmen.

Come on it looked great.  Stylized, Vegas (which it is not), hitmen, magic, guns, blowing shit up.  You know fun times.  That is what I hoped it would be.  I guess it actually was those things.  It just didn't work it right.  Oh it's not in Vegas either, but that doesn't really matter.  

While the movie was fun, it didn't do anything really well.  It had so much going on all over the place, that it didn't allow for anything to be really awesome.  Ok acting, ok action, ok story, ok everything.  With so much going on you were not allowed anything to be fleshed out.  The ending was brought up out of nowhere mostly, and left you will a feeling like it could have been more.  

What you pretty much have here is a whole lot of guns, a lot of action but not enough of anything else to make you care about anyone.   I think there were certain people we were supposed to like and dislike, but it wasn't enough for us to really care.  Good cast, ok movie.  Alicia Keys was hot in it, but not an amazing actress.  Everyone else was going through their parts, and filled out the movie.  I would say if you like the gun's and not a whole lot of substance, this movie is for you.  Skip it in the theater.  Add it to the queue.

3 stars 

  • evilangel

    This movie wanted to be good so badly, it was really trying, it was! It was just lacking in something. It felt like the director was just trying to copy someone else’s work, and while it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t incredible or unique.

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