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It is that time again.  Time for the January Film Club.  Can you believe it is already the second month of 2007.  I am going to be so old.    Did you watch the Illusionist?  We did.  Talk about  it in the comments.  Anyone reading is allowed to comment, tell us what you thought about it.   You can use a star rating, we use 5 star rating here at The Reviewer.  Be careful of spoliers in the comments.  As there might be some in the comments.   Also if you are reading this on a feed, like LJ, we can not see your comments, so click through to the site and reply here in comments.   Also don't forget to vote for next month's film club, voting ends today.  Tomorrow the winner will be announced.   The voting is in the side bar. 


Here are some questions to start you out. 

What did you think of the acting?  [tag]Paul Giamatti, Edward Norton, Jessica Biel[/tag]?  What did you think about [tag]Rufus Sewell[/tag], the crown prince.  

Did you know what was going on?  Were you surprised?  Were you not surprised at all.  

Set design and costuming?  Did you feel you were in Vienna?  

Would you recommend this movie to your friends? 

Are you going to watch The Prestige, a movie coming out soon on DVD that seemed to have a similar plot line as The Illusionist.

Did the magic tricks impress you?   Were you as shocked as the audience in the theater where it was happening?

Who was in the right in the end?  Who had done the most wrong?  

My comments will be in the comments.    

  • I thought the movie was quite good. It seemed to execute it’s feel very well. The illusion’s themselves, really really excited me. I know it was just a movie, but the execution and feel of them really stuck me inside, as great ideas, and wonderfully executed. I just had a great time with them.

    As far as the acting, I thought everyone did an excellent job. Paul and Rufus Sewell especially. The Crown prince part was chilling and regal all at once and I thought was the best part in the movie.

    Jessica Biel was ok, nothing amazing, but I wouldn’t say horrible either.

    I think this is a good renter for sure, for everyone. It was smart, interesting, well shot and acted, and ended very well. I think those that have not seen it would enjoy it and I give it 4 stars.


    As far as the story line, I knew something was going on, and had a feeling we were going to get an ending like we did. I was pretty far off on the execution of that ending, but I knew something was coming.

    The resolution I felt was a bit drastic, and I am still left wondering who was the worse man? The Illusionist, or the Crown Prince. It seems like the way it all came to be, was the Prince was not a liar at all, perhaps a dick, but not a liar about the murder, and the illusionist, overthrows the crown and frames the prince.

    • sillyliss

      I think the crown prince was a jerk. He had killed/abused other wives (which makes me think the same would’ve been true for Sarah too) and he was a ruthless leader plotting to overthrow his own father. He deserved what happened to him. In my opinion. 😉

  • Z

    I’ve liked Ed Norton in just about every role he’s played, but he seemed especially suited for this one. And I don’t think Paul Giamatti is capable of a poor performance. Jessica Biel didn’t bring anything unique to her role though. That character could have been played by anyone to the same effect.

    The storyline was very good. The conclusion was not a surprise, but it did fulfill my need to know the details of the plot. And the Crown Prince was a much more sympathetic character after the plot was revealed. I’m not so sure that he ever harmed any of his wives now. Rumors can be ugly things. He was most certainly a conniving jerk, but the importance he placed on reason and science was admirable to me. Four stars from the Z-Man.

  • evilangel

    I thought this was done really well. I really enjoyed watching it, I thought the parts were well acted, and while I had some idea of how it was going to come about it had a very unique way of doing it.

  • Jeaninney

    I really dug this movie and was anxious to recommend it to my friends. I don’t know if I was just in a good mood or if the movie was really that good, but I totally bought everything it fed me. Everything was a surprise and I was totally wowed by the magic. I remember thinking to myself, “I would pay to see this guy perform!”

    None of the actors disappointed. I’ve always loved Paul Giamatti as an actor but have never really loved any of his projects. He made me very happy in this movie as his was my favorite role. I knew Ed Norton wouldn’t let me down and he didn’t. And I the Crown Prince couldn’t have been better.And even though Jessica Biel’s role was nothing amazing, it was a far cry from 7th Heaven. It was also nice to see her play a role that wasn’t based strictly on her “hotness”.

    I can’t remember the last time I watched a movie and was as enthralled. Kudos! It gets 4.5 stars from me!

    • Awesome everyone so far has given it at least a 4, this is def a good one.

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