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March Film Club Poll

I am sorry for the Poll being late.   I think we will still be ok though.  Not too much loss of time.  Hopefully I have selected a good wide selection of movies to pick from for this month's film club.  Some are not out of DVD yet, some are not out in the theaters […]

The Departed Film Club

It is time for the February Film Club.  I am sorry I forgot to remind you about 10 days ago.   So I hope you all watched it.   The Academy Award winner for Best Picture was a good choice by everyone for the Feb Film Club.  Please let's see all you thought about the […]

2007 Golden Raspberry Winners

The 2007 Golden Raspberry Awards were handed out the night before the Academy Awards.  A look at the worst in film for the year.   I am not buying that Night was worst Director, as I really thought Lady in the Water was a very interesting movie, and was directed very well.  Everything else sounds about […]

Reno 911: Miami Movie Review

Rated: R Running Time: 84 minutes Year: 2007 Boobs: 2 pairs One Sentence: It's everything you hoped they could do on the show. Reno 911, has a special taste to it.  The not really written TV show on Comedy Central, has a big cult following.  Some consider it to be the funniest show on Comedy […]

Oscar Winners

Here are the Oscar Winners if you missed it last night or didn't stay up till practically 11:30, or 12:30 depending on where you were.  I might write more on this later, but overall I was bored, and very disappointed in almost all of the winners.  Winners Best PictureThe Departed – Graham King, producer DirectorMartin […]

Goose tells woman MURDER!

Most of you probably know this as a movie review site.  It is new, so that is understandable.  Most of the time it IS a movie review site.  However what this site really is, below the surface, is a central posting ground for all things that have to do with Goose Attacks.  It has been […]

Saw III Movie Review

Rated: R Running Time:113 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: There is no teeth pulling in this movie. Saw 1 and 2, were new steps forward in the Horror genre.  They were smart, scary, and had a more interesting human story about the killer.  Not supernatural.  They really have done more for the American […]

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