February Film Club Movie, The Departed

The Departed

I am sure to no one's surprise The Departed has been voted as February's film club movie.  This movie is up for a lot of Academy Awards and I think will have a good blend of just good movie making and action/drama that will keep all of us entertained and wanting to talk about it at the end of the month.   This movie does not come out on DVD until Feb 13th, so get it in your queue, and at the top of the list, so you can get it ASAP.  Clicking on the poster will take you to the Netflix rental page.  And if you don't have netflix and would like to join, if you click on the ad at the top and sign up, it helps keep The-reviewer.net going with a referral fee for me.  I love netflix, best internet invention evar!   


Want to join The Reviewer Film Club?  It's easy, just watch the film club movie and then come back on Feb 28th and we will talk about it.  We discuss what we saw, and get a dialog going for the movie, the more people that participate, the more conversations and perspectives we can get about a movie.   So please join us.   Any questions about the film club, leave them in comments. 


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