Quick Link and IE7

I just got IE7 on my machine, and of course, The Reviewer is all fucked up the sidebar is at the bottom, I will try to figure this out this weekend.  You should not be using IE anyway, and should be using firefox.  There is a link in the sidebar, at the bottom if you are using IE7.  Click on it and get firefox.   Also if you see any other problems with layout's let me know please.  If you have IE7 and the sidebar is not at the bottom could you tell me that as well.   Thank you. 


Also today someone wrote a new perspective on Star Wars IV when you take into account I-III.  It is a very interesting read and any nerd will not be bored with it at all.    I would read it in full.   Discuss below if you so wish. 

  • evilangel

    What if I don’t like Firefox?!?!?!? >=(

    • Then you are saying that you support poorly written browsers that do not follow HTML and CSS standards and make your boyfriend sit around on the weekend and try to fix it instead of spending time with you! <3

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