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I have a movie review to write, for Sabrina.  The remake, you know the one with Harrison Ford?  But it was so boring, and not worth a damn at all, I am having a hard time finding enough in myself to write a review about it.   So instead, I am going to give up the best movie quick links for the day.  Hopefully this will be more entertaining than a boring review about a really unfunny romantic comedy.  


  • Some guy who does not speak English, compiled a bunch of Back To The Future images, from all three movies, things like magazines, and ads and logos, it is really a neat site with a lot of cool stuff to check out.  Ritorno Al Futuro
  • MSN uses their might power to drop some Harry Potter 5 pics on us.  There are 5 of them, and they look awesome.  Not really spoilers, but I would still beware.  POTTER!
  • If you watch lost, here is a audio clip of the scene from the episode 2 weeks ago.  I don't want to say what happened for those who are waiting for DVD, but if you did see the episode 2 weeks ago, Click this.
  • Over at one of my favorite sites, Hacking Netflix, an anonymous worked has explained how his job works, as a disk checker.  Check it out it's very interesting.  Hacking Netflix
  • Man, that movie sucked! I’m so sorry I made you watch it!

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