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Well today I am happy to report about The Reviewer and my search engine listings.   I can see where people come from when they come into a site.  It is really neat, I bet not all of you knew that.   I don't know who YOU are, I just see where you came from.  Like google, or bookmark or whatever.   So I have been looking to see who sends me the most links.   Right now I think it is google.  However I never show up on googles page 1.  I have about 100-200 unique people that come here per day.   Where are they coming from and how do they find me?  Well I tried a little experiment.   I typed The Reviewer into some search engines to see where I came up.  I was shocked to see the results.   It makes me wanna be best friends with some and not others.   

The best ranking I got was on Yahoo!  Typing in The Reviewer led a return of the third item on Yahoo!  I found this to be very surprising.  #3 over all!  That is awesome.  I hope the others catch up quickly!

The next one, was also cool, the noob on the block, Slash My Search have me at #10 on the first page!  Slash my search is weird.  They pay you, to use their search engine if you sign up and use it as your search.   I don't get how they do it, but it actually accumulates sorta fast.   I don't know if they are gonna stick around but thanks for the high ranking.  

Google and both did not return anything to me on the first page.   So I have to keep working on those two.   Hopefully just more reviews and more content can get me on google, and then millions will come read my boring entries!    

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