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I hate music as a general rule.   Everything that is new, is not, and it annoys me and just makes me want to turn it all off.  I for the most part would rather have silence than music.   However Lily Allen is crushing my heart in her British hot skanky way.  Sick smooth beats and simple funny lyrics with a cute voice and accent are killing me, and my girlfriend, as I am making her listing to Alfie, and LDN, every 10 minutes.   It doesn't hurt either that she is a normal hot looking girl, who has not been hollywoodized.   If you have no clue about her check out her site here.    The whole album is just fun, and a little off the track than the normal pop crap that Gwen or someone else is releasing.  She is totally flash in the pan however and will need to grow to stick around.  But for now.  I am digging her and the album and will be for at least 2 more weeks.  This is probably the only music post you will get all year from me.  

  • Dork.

  • Repercussionist

    I stumbled across her in what could only be explained as a drunken YouTube incident a few months ago. I think her music is cute, I too, am somewhat ashamed to admit. I think Lily is precious (for now). Rock that LDN.

  • kevin

    For now Lily Allen seems to be rebelling against, what the music business has become, it’s over advertised, it’s too much image, and not enough music. In 1983, the radio found Madonna, and Madonna reached the world but, for what? the sell out techno image of someone that doesn’t even sing that well. Lily Allen reminds me of someone that says I wasn’t there, but do you remember, the Clash, or Elvis Costello when her sang about some girl named Alison. Well her music doesn’t say that but her lyrics and her spirit do. Somewhere in there is a young girl screaming at the top of her lungs.. No don’t sell out, just sell in to you own idea.

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