President’s Day Movie List

I live in Austin, the capital of Texas, I work right next to a bunch of state and city offices, so it hurts a lot to come to work today and see all their parking lots empty.  Then I remember they work for the state, and never have any responsibility, or anything productive going on, and I hate them even more.  However even with my pure hatred, and anger, I will forgive, and think about them, and all those other bank employees and mail carriers out there that have today off, and have just woken up and want to watch a movie.  I am sure, they not only want to watch a movie but celebrate the great presidents of this great nation, on presidents day.  So I bring you The President's day movie list.  Good movies to watch about presidents.   Fictional or Real.  So run on over to your local non-blockbuster video store and rent these fine flicks.



Air Force One –  Dood!  I mean COME ON!  This is probably the best movie staring a president as the main character.  Harrison Ford, on a Hijacked Air Force One, fighting Gary Oldman, and his band of terrorists!   Non-stop action and not horrible acting and a good idea make this one an excellent watcher.  It has that Die Hard, I can watch it 30 times and it's still good feel to it.





 Dave – I have seen Dave a lot.  It used to be on HBO all the time.   It's light, easy going down and cute.  It works in all ways, and has a good little message in it.   Not laugh out loud funny, but good performances by all and a good script, do not disappoint.   





 Kings Row – Some people might be too young to know that Ronald Regan, was an actor in the 40's and 50's before he became president in 1980.   Kings Row is what many consider his shining performance, as Drake McHugh.  You know you want to see it.  It's just so intersting thinking about him as an actor.  





The American President – Michael Douglass plays a widowed American President on the prowl for some hot ladies. He ends up finding Annette Benning, in this way better than it sounds romance/drama. If you like a little love with your president then this is the movie for you.   





 JFK – Back and to the left.  While not the most historically accurate movie in the world, JFK, opened up a lot of dialog about JFK's murder.  It also is just a really good movie.  Wonderfully directed, by Oliver Stone, and knock out performances by everyone in the movie.  If you are willing to make the 3.5 hour commitment, it is well worth it. 




 The Manchurian Candidate – Man this is a creppy freaking movie.  It is scary, smart, and chilling.  It makes you wonder if this is how our president is chosen.  Is he just a puppet?  A pawn, for some people in a dark room to move about on the chess board of life.  Very good renter, if you haven't seen it, check it out for sure, even if not on President's day. 

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