Ghost Rider Movie Review

Ghost Rider

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: IMDB down

Year: 2007

Boobs: Eva Mendes cleavage was in every shot she was in.

One Sentence:  It was like a good Marvel comic book movie, except for the good part.


I know, we already knew it looked horrible.  Some movies look bad, that end up surprising us.  Look at…um…well I am sure I will think of one before the end of this review.  So I have to go see them.  So I went yesterday on my day off that I took, to go see Ghost Rider.  What a pile of crap.  

Not funny, not cool, not stylish, not well acted, not scary, not a good evil character, not romantic, not a good story, not a good devil.  Peter Fonda as the devil, I was just not feeling it Peter.  You didn't do a bad job, you just didn't do a good job either.  I did like your outfit and your cool cane.   There were two canes in this movie.  That is 2 more canes that are in most movies.  Keep an eye out for the canes.  As they are the high point of this movie.  

It was lackluster all the way.  The Devil as I said before, was not scary.  His son, "Blackheart" looked like a emo kid with a trust fund, and so lacked cool or scary.  His minions were the evil elementals, or something.  I don't know, when they were together, they really looked like they should be in a pop rock band, like Nickelback.  Were evil minions from hell now let me sing this power ballad!  [tag]Nicolas Cage[/tag] and his Ghost Rider self, were also horribly executed.   When he was the Ghost Rider he looked like the shrunken head guy from Bettlejuice.  NOW there was a movie that looked horrible, but ended up being really good.  [tag]Eva Mendes[/tag] was just ok, and they had to do something with her, so every shot, she is wearing these button down shirts, where its too small and only buttoned up half way, so shes rocking cleavage in every shot.  It's more comical than hot.  The bike was about the only thing that I felt was executed with some style.  

I am not backing a rental or a theater watch on this one.  If you are an uber fan, you might at least have an ok time with it, but I think that it really isn't worth most peoples time.  

2 stars 


  • Though you should think twice before bringing your 4 year old to this movie. Yes, it’s based on a comic book, but it’s not as kid friendly as Spiderman – there are some pretty intense nightmare-like scenes.

  • Z

    We saw the previews for this movie in the theater. Having never read the comic, I still don’t understand what it’s all about. Your description of Eva Mendes’ role was timely though. The tight-shirted cute female appears to be the latest cheap trend in TV and movies. Every cop show has the same detective team: the serious and troubled fully dressed man and the young woman who looks like she is trying to seduce him, the audience, and even the victim of the crime. It’s so obvious that it’s stupid. I sympathize with anyone who is trying to raise a daughter immersed in this kind of popular culture.

    – The Curmudgeon

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