Saw III Movie Review

Saw 3

Rated: R

Running Time:113 Minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: There is no teeth pulling in this movie.

Saw 1 and 2, were new steps forward in the Horror genre.  They were smart, scary, and had a more interesting human story about the killer.  Not supernatural.  They really have done more for the American Horror scene than any other movie since Scream.  Since then, there have been all types of movies attempting to follow Saw's style.  Some are ok, some sucked.   

Saw 3, was one of those copies I feel.  Written in a week after script changes were asked for.  The lack of depth shows in what we wish was not an actual sequel to Saw 1 and 2.   The rules of trilogies are that in the third one all bets are off.  It seems like Saw 3 took this to heart, as they butchered the ideals and structure that really made Saw 1 and 2 great movies.  Things that might not be considered part of a Horror movie, like honor and morals.  It just broke the rules, and really cheapened the first 2 movies.  

As far as scary Saw movies go, it was quite good.  Pushing you, to your limits with what you can handle with blood, gore and pain.  There were at least a couple of times I cringed or turned away.  Good traps, good kills, all those things you looking for in a saw movie outside of the actual story.  Those things were solid all the way.   Acting and the structure of this movie as a stand alone were also just fine.  Not amazing as the first 2, but nothing that isn't worthy of a rental if you are not totally married to the bigger story.  If you really loved the first two for the story of the Jigsaw and Amanda, then you might want to skip this one completely as it might make you want to pull your teeth out.   

3 stars 

  • Oh yes, the first two weren’t cheap at all, wonderful examples of the art of film. *rolls eyes*

    These movies are just gross. It really bothers me that we live in a society that appreciates crap like this.

    • Subject

      I know some people (me included) that don’t “appreciate” it because of the blood and horror of it, but for the ending they do at the end of each saw movie. When everything comes together and you realize what has happened. I find that to be really clever. Though i do admit, this one didn’t have the same quality of ending as the last 2.

  • Z

    I haven’t seen any of these movies because of what I perceived them to be from the advertisements. They look to be torture flicks. Isn’t that basically what happens in these films? If so, I am deeply troubled by their popularity. I can appreciate a good scare from a horror film, but I do not understand how anyone can gain pleasure from watching even simulated torture.

    • Subject

      This annoys me, when ever people see trailers for this movie they immediately think its nothing but horrible things happening to people, thats only part of it. Most of the traps are well made puzzles….that hurt people. The biggest point about this movie and the other 2, is that its a huge puzzle. Hence the name “Jigsaw” as the main “protagonist”. Until near the end of each, it seems like just a normal horror movie, once its near the end everything comes together and this huge wave of realization come over you and the characters. Thats what i enjoy about it.

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