Goose tells woman MURDER!

Goose Attack

Most of you probably know this as a movie review site.  It is new, so that is understandable.  Most of the time it IS a movie review site.  However what this site really is, below the surface, is a central posting ground for all things that have to do with Goose Attacks.  It has been a quiet year for the goose attacks in the news, so you have not seen much.  Well until now.  

CNN reports, that a woman was found not guilty by reason of insanity, because she was told spiritually by geese to stab her baby.  Obviously the judge and those deciding on this case are unaware of the awesome power of the goose, and their power over women's minds.  If you turn your back on the goose, they will kill you, in one way or another.   As we see here.  So remember even though that goose doesn't look like it can get you,  it can tell your mother to kill you in your sleep.  

I am always on the lookout for more goose attack articles, so please if you see any, send them my way and they will get properly reported.   The goose is a awesome powerful creature, and should be respected and feared.  So keep an eye out.  You can read the full CNN article here.

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