Reno 911: Miami Movie Review

Reno 911

Rated: R

Running Time: 84 minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: 2 pairs

One Sentence: It's everything you hoped they could do on the show.

Reno 911, has a special taste to it.  The not really written TV show on Comedy Central, has a big cult following.  Some consider it to be the funniest show on Comedy Central.  It was only a matter of time before it was sent to the big screen.  Next up, is The Daily Show The Movie About A News Show.  That is if Reno 911 does well enough.  Sadly it came in 4th place for the weekend,  but with a budget of what seemed like 12 bucks, I think that everyone involved will still be happy with it. 

You will be happy with it too, if you are a fan or a semi fan of the show.  Pulling out everything they want to do on the show but are not allowed.  All the gross, swearing, uncomfortable sexual tension, and nakedness you have hoped for is packed full on into some spandex blue shorts.  Oh and it is still as funny as the show. 

Set up like the show, just a bit broader, anyone who has seen the show will feel familiar with the pacing and the chopped dialog. It does everything that would be expected of a movie version of a TV show, while staying true to the TV show itself.  Very well done, very funny, and well worth a rental for anyone that likes the show.  Anyone who hasn't most likely will still have a pretty good time with this one, especially if you enjoy improvisational comedy. 

4 stars 

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