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The Departed

It is time for the February Film Club.  I am sorry I forgot to remind you about 10 days ago.   So I hope you all watched it.   The Academy Award winner for Best Picture was a good choice by everyone for the Feb Film Club.  Please let's see all you thought about the movie.   Anyone can be part of the film club, just register, and make a post, you can comment on anyone else, or make your own comments.  I bring questions I feel help spur the conversation.  Anything is welcome.  Please the more comments the better!

Please remember that comments can contain spoilers and this movie has a high spoiler factor,  where reading the comments could ruin the movie for you if you have not seen it, so beware!

Loved it?  Hated it?   

Was it the best movie of the year?

Who was your favorite character?  Who was your least favorite character?

Was the violence too much?  Or was it warranted?

Was it worthy of the best director Oscar?

Was there anyone that you felt should have been cast differently?  Did anyone feel out of place?

Do you feel that it should have won best editing over Children of Men? 

What movie do you want to have on the vote for the March list, which I should have put up already.  Please no "300" as I do not think we should wait till the end of the month to talk about that one.   Any DVD or theater release that comes out in March can be added to the vote.  Voting will be put up later today, and end in a few days.   



  • I also really liked it; the ensemble cast was great. The ending was very fast. It wasn’t rushed, but the twists and turns came on very fast at the end. The rest of the movie was like a chess game, with very dynamic plotting.

    The one thing I didn’t like was how the love interest/psychologist felt tacked on. Her involvement didn’t meaningfully advance the plot. I think that perhaps if both men had somehow had more interaction through her it would have added some depth to their game.

    All that said, however, I think it really deserved to win — it was an outstanding movie. I’m not sure it bested Children of Men in anything except maybe the quality of the acting. I certainly enjoyed Children of Men more, but The Departed kept me on the edge of my seat.

  • I thought it was really good! I agree with the suggestions that it’s not as good as Children of Men, and didn’t hold my attention 100%, but I enjoyed it. It was really well acted – no serious overacting I thought. I didn’t feel like any of the violence was unnecessary, and like Children of Men I felt like the violence was shown to make us feel as upset about it as our main character was.

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