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The Reviewer is out of town.

I am out of town for the week for business.  So updates will be few and far between, I will still try to get up a review for The Host tonight, and maybe, I will go see The Hill Have Eyes 2 and hit you will that before the end of the week, it just […]

TMNT fun at The Alamo Drafthouse

The Alamo Drafthouse goes all out for it's movies, and TMNT was no exception.  With trivia, Michaelangelo and Casey live in person and Green Pizza and an awesome TMNT preshow.  It was just totally awesome.  Check out some pics of the fun.   Also don't forget April 2nd come back to talk about TMNT, in […]

The Carnival Of Cinema is up.

    Want more reviews and film junk than what I can throw at you?  The Carnival of Cinema is up at Nehring The Edge.  More movie reviews, links and other film stuff than you can shake a Bo Staff at.  OMG 3 more hours till TMNT!

TMNT released today, Win a TMNT one sheet!

This is your reminder that TMNT is released today.  If you watch it, come back here and comment on the April 2nd Film Club you will be entered in the drawing to win this TMNT 1 sheet.  Or if you prefer I have a 300 T-shirt as well.  Winners choice!  So check out TMNT and […]

Blood Car Movie Review

  Rated: NR Running Time: 80 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: 3 Pairs One Sentence:  Save gas, drive Blood Car.  I was recently allowed to pre-screen Alex Orr's dark look at the future, 2 weeks into the future, with Blood Car.   A movie put together by a group who got an idea and gathered up […]

The Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Moves This Summer.

Just announced, that the axe has finally fallen on the Original Alamo Drafthouse.  The price of rent was a little too much and they just couldn't keep it going.  So The Alamo Downtown is moving to Austin's Famous 6th Street.  Literally in the middle of the main bar filled buzzing 6th street.  At the old […]

Why you want Netflix (or another DVD mail service)

There is a rumor that people are still driving to stores like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video to rent from an extremely limited selection of DVD's and paying 4 dollars per rental and then late fee's for returning them late.  For someone like me who has had Netflix for over 3 years now, it is hard […]

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