TMNT Film Club Contest!

This month's film club movie is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, in theaters, March 23rd.  We will be having our film club discussion on April 2nd.  So for our first Film Club from a theater release, I figured I would do a contest.  Anyone who replies in the Film Club with a starting comment will be entered in a drawing for a TMNT 1 sheet.  Like the one pictured here.  All you have to do is watch TMNT before April 2nd.  Then come here on April 2nd and discuss the movie with us.  However you have to create a full comment, no single line replies.  On April 3rd, everyone who replies will be put into a pool and I will draw out one winner.  They will receive a full size TMNT one sheet, shipped to them courtesy of me and  I will send out a reminder when TMNT is released.  



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