The Lucky Girl Movie Review


Rated: NR

Running Time: 85 Minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence:  The reviewer loves independent too. 

Up until now, you have only seen me review movies released in the theater for wide release, or studio supported DVD releases.   Well attempting to be a more rounded reviewer and to help out and get the word out about non-studio releases, The Reviewer will be supporting independent screenings starting today.  Look for in the future a full submission form, where any independent that is looking for a review can submit their film and it will get a review here at The Reviewer.   The first movie to get this Independent treatment is The Lucky Girl.  

The Lucky Girl, is a story about the life of a drug addicted female, her house she squatted, her boyfriend, ex boyfriend and their friend.   The bad news that comes and the story of their life being told to a very young girl.  The story being told and the story on top of it about the storyteller and young girl are both addictive and complex, with very contrasting feelings and attitude.  Almost a dark and light view of the life that one is living and another is telling.  It leaves us wondering what is happening and what is connecting these two stories, but also keeping us interested in both.  The flow and pacing seemed to be just enough to keep me going on and trying to know more, and understand what was going on.  In the end I was very satisfied with the film, and surprised at the quality of the story and statement of the film, which takes a stand on an issue, very few wish to even address, let alone surround a whole movie with.  

As an independent, it is of course with it's flaws if you were comparing it to a fully funded feature.  Technical things such as film quality, sound and lighting, were on a lower budget scale, but not the worst I have seen by any stretch and is quite passable in film festival standards.  Sadly I do have to say that the acting of some of the characters left something to be desired, as a more powerful female drug addict and boyfriend, would have made the statement much more powerful.  But this things are minor and I was able to overlook them without much detraction for the plot and ending.  

Those of you looking for support of the independents, like The Lucky Girl, can click on the poster.  That will take you to The Lucky Girl's myspace page where you can look for screening possibilities and view a trailer for the film.  If you get the opportunity, I would think it would be something for a lot of you to check out.  

4 stars 

  • Great concept, very creative & unique perspective on life. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the point of independent films, but with a bigger budget and stronger acting this has the potential to be an incredible movie.

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