The Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Moves This Summer.

Just announced, that the axe has finally fallen on the Original Alamo Drafthouse.  The price of rent was a little too much and they just couldn't keep it going.  So The Alamo Downtown is moving to Austin's Famous 6th Street.  Literally in the middle of the main bar filled buzzing 6th street.  At the old Ritz location.  Tim promises a new and the most advanced Drafthouse yet, with 2 screens and plush VIP seating.  They state they might be opening as soon as the end of this summer.  

I think the move could be good with a new A/C system and a better queue, they could do a lot with a new space.  The Ritz is an odd place, with a secret movie screen room upstairs already that not many know about, it will be a challenge as the space isn't that big.  We will see what Tim and crew can come up with to keep us happy and make the new downtown Drafthouse, as great as the Original.  

You can read the full press release here.   Or copied below.  


Alamo Drafthouse Downtown moves to the Ritz!



Ten years ago, my wife Karrie and I opened the doors to the original Colorado Street Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. We had just finished the most grueling six months of our lives, working on the construction every day, 7 days a week about 15 hours a day. We worked at a feverish pace and did damn near everything ourselves, mainly because we had no money. With a paltry sum raised by hitting up our parents and friends and an assortment of credit card loans, we installed new plumbing, air conditioning, electrical, and fabricated the screening room that we've been enjoying for the last decade. On opening day, we had $20,000 left in the bank, and with our freshly-hired staff, our first ever employees, that was enough to last us for about a month if no-one came to the theater. It was a miserably naive business plan.

Thankfully, Austin responded to us quickly and we stand looking back ten years later to happily see the concept of our original cinema still intact. In the next three months, we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary by bringing back many of our classic events and guests. We hope you will join us many times in April through June as we celebrate and share some of our favorite movies of the past decade. Look for the red "10" logo in our printed guide for all anniversary screenings. – Tim League: founder, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

For the last 10 years, we have also seen the warehouse district grow up around us. As the neighborhood has become more and more upscale, we've seen many long-time businesses fall away: The Bitter End, Gilligans, Waterloo Brewing Co, and Ruta Maya to name just a few. At the end of June, 2007, our lease will expire and due to the high costs of rent, insurance and taxes, we have been not been confident that we would be able to continue occupying our current space. With the end of our lease looming, the Downtown Austin Alliance stepped in quickly and brought us together with the owners of the Ritz Theater on 6th Street. In a matter of weeks, we shook hands on a deal and are now moving full-steam ahead with planning for the next decade of Alamo Drafthouse Downtown programming: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema at the Ritz.

Renovation begins in April and we hope to be open as soon as possible, maybe as early as summer's end. This theater will prove to be the best Alamo Drafthouse yet. While retaining the intimacy and programming of the original location, the Ritz will have two screens, plush VIP seating, state-of-the-art projection and sound and the new experience of a remodeled and renovated landmark Austin movie palace. Please stay tuned to the Alamo website and blog for progress on the construction as well as updates on opening week programming and events.

We would like to thank Larry and Mary Craddock, owners of the Ritz property who reached out to us and did everything they could to make this happen-we look forward to collectively reviving a lost Austin movie palace; the Downtown Austin Alliance for bringing the Craddocks and us together; Bob Woody, current operator of the Ritz for working with us to make the change; Danny Roth of Southwest Strategies for believing in a couple of kids with no money or experience 10 years ago-we are happy to still be working with you today; Karen Bartoletti and the gang at Graves Dougherty for making the process of jumping through legal hoops relatively quick and painless. We also thank our loyal and extremely hard-working staff, in particular man-in-charge Mike Sherrill for furthering and refining our original vision. Most of all, though, we'd like to thank the "Heroes of the Alamo" members and the entire city of Austin for continuing to support us and watch movies with us over the years. We love this city and we look forward to 10 more years of obsessive cinematic exploits.

For more information about the 10 Year Anniversary screenings at the original Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, check out our website. There are only a few months left to enjoy the original location, we hope to see you there soon and often! Every dollar you spend will be going towards the massive renovation overhaul of the Ritz. Also, stay tuned for information on the "last night at the Alamo" final screening and party!



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