Blood Car Movie Review

 Blood Car

Rated: NR

Running Time: 80 Minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: 3 Pairs

One Sentence:  Save gas, drive Blood Car. 

I was recently allowed to pre-screen Alex Orr's dark look at the future, 2 weeks into the future, with Blood Car.   A movie put together by a group who got an idea and gathered up $25,000 dollars to make a movie.  Currently making the Film Festival Circuit and winner of the The New Visions Award at the Cinequest Film Festival, Blood Car is the movie I think many of us have been missing.  

Snakes on a Plane was supposed to be that movie.  The simplicity of the idea, the perfection of the execution and the pure awesomeness of every line that was to be uttered.  Sadly Snakes on a Plane, did not hit the mark that those of us that wanted it were going to get.  Blood Car did however hit that mark.  Every mark I had and exceeded it.  Starting from the title itself, which when I told my girlfriend said, "Sounds Awesome."  This movie had a feel of those movies from the 80's that we have been missing but all loved.  Funny, bloody and gratuitous. 

The opening monologue is funny, shot extremely well, lit wonderfully and really gets you into the movie quick, which is something that you need to have with an independent.   It sets you up right from the get go and doesn't let you down at all.  It just seems to get better and better, like the movie that you loved from the start got a little bit better every 10 minutes and raised the bar a little bit higher.  Without the restriction of studio pressure, or the MPAA, this movie also pushes you to the edge of what a rated R movie might be and maybe goes over that line, which of course I think is absolutely wonderful.   Vulgar lines, excessive blood and random nudity makes it all just work with an awesome plot that is both fun, and possibly even a bit deeper and smarter than it looks on the surface.  

A solid fine acting cast that play their parts well and look their parts well, keep it all together.  Sometimes this is where a solid movie is lacking.  Great idea, great execution, but poor acting.  Blood Car did pretty well with that also.  Including Anna Chlumsky, who's name might sound familiar.  She played Veda Sultenfuss in My Girl 1 and 2.  Also had a role recently in one of my favorite shows 30 Rock.  Mike Brune who played Archie Andrews, the main male character, did well, as a Vegan trying to get a car running on Wheat grass.  Mike has a blog discussing the film and the process of making it here.   Supporting cast had some people who might not have quite looked the part, but I am willing to overlook that.  

Overall this movie was awesome in many ways, and is highly recommended for anyone that has a chance to see it.  You can click on the poster to take you to where you can find more info on new places and festivals to watch Blood Car.  
4 stars 

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