TMNT fun at The Alamo Drafthouse

The Alamo Drafthouse goes all out for it's movies, and TMNT was no exception.  With trivia, Michaelangelo and Casey live in person and Green Pizza and an awesome TMNT preshow.  It was just totally awesome.  Check out some pics of the fun.   Also don't forget April 2nd come back to talk about TMNT, in the Film Club and you will be entered in a drawing to win a TMNT 1 sheet poster!!!

Here is The Reviewer in front of the Turtle Van. 


TMNT Libertie
Here is Evil_Angel with Michaelangelo.

Green Pizza
Here is the green pizza, it was good, lots of garlic!

  • Ian

    Did the TMNT van you were standing in front of start and run or was it jut there for looks and do you know who made the van. where was this at?

    • Yes it was real and it ran. It was at the Alamo Drafthouse, I have no idea who made the van or where it came from.

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