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Today is the day for the TMNT Film Club.  Did you see TMNT? Let's talk about it.  Tell everyone what you thought about it, and if you tell us what you thought about it and join the Film Club you will be entered in a drawing for a TMNT poster, like the one you see above, or a 300 T-shirt, you choice.  All you have to do is make a comment, that has some sort of content (no one sentence responses) and you will be entered in the drawing.  Make sure you put in a valid e-mail address, or I will not be able to contact you.  On Wednesday I will pull a name and you will be our winner.   

As always with the film club, I will start you off with things to talk about.

What did you think of the story?  Better than the old movies, worse?  

Did you miss Shredder?  

What did you think about the animation?  Best you have ever seen?  Would rather have guys in suits?

Did you like Buffy as April O'Neil. 

Do you want a sequel of this style of animation for TMNT?  

Do you want a movie with Krang in it?

How many adults were in your theater without kids?

Which is your favorite Turtles medium?  Comic, Movies with guys in costumes, cartoons, TMNT movie, or the traveling rock show.

Anything else you want to talk about, bring it up, I will reply.  

What would you rate this movie?   

  • princesskelly

    We took the kiddos to see TMNT at the Drafthouse this weekend. The small theater was packed, and I would have to say that there really werent *that* many kids there.

    Overall, I thought the movie was okay. I must admit that I wasn’t really all that huge on the Turtle’s craze of the 80’s, but I am familar with them and the story. I did miss Shredder- although I think Flippy missed him more. =)

    The animation was good. I enjoyed seeing how they brought the characters to their animated glory. Story was good, characters were pretty well developed. I did enjoy Buffy as April- and thought her little nija outfit at the end was hawtness.

    The kids walked away with a pretty good understanding of the plot, and they understood the underlying premise. I believe Issie said something like “So when the whole family works together as a team, they can defeat anything.” which i thought was a pretty good summary of the flick.

    Overall, maybe an 6 (an 8 if we are ranking this on kids movies). I was kind of thinking that we might have enjoyed Mimzy a little more. =) On that note, cant wait for Shrek 3 and Transformers!

    • princesskelly

      oops.. i guess i give it 3/5 stars.

    • Yea I thought April was WAY HOT!.

      I need to see Mimzy, but we got behind because I was out of town.

    • “So when the whole family works together as a team, they can defeat anything.”

      Too cute!!!

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  • This movie was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

    Seriously, I thought it was a lot of fun! It had just enough of the old goofyness to keep it feeling familiar, but a great modern spin to it. I really really enjoyed it!

    I didn’t find myself missing Shredder at all. I loved that April was played by Buffy. I loved that the movie kept the attention of all the kids that managed to sneak into the Draft House. haha

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