Death Proof (Grindhouse)

Death Proof Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: Bout an hour and a half

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: Death Proof might be Death Proof, but not boring proof.

On the poster above it says, "A White-Hot Juggernaut at 200 Miles Per Hour!"  I think it was moving at about 2 miles per hour.  Coming off of the zombie blood fest that was Planet Terror, and some truly awesome trailers, we come upon Death Proof.  A car movie.  What happens in car movies?  Usually speed and/or crashing or racing.  Something like this.  For the first hour of this movie, it's about 4 girls talking about getting high and drinking Shiner Bock.  Girls who for the most part are annoying, self-centered and truly not worthy of my attention.  

Kurt Russell, barely kept it together with his part of Stuntman Mike.  Making just a slight bit of something interesting to watch for the first 2/3's of this movie.  If he wasn't there I think I would be giving this movie a lot lower rating.   Finally the movie shifts and they leave all the Austin haunts they visited in the beginning of the movie, and it finally gets interesting.  

Death Proof for the most part just goes on and on and on, till the very end, which was maybe an Orange-Hot city bus at 60 miles per hour.  It just didn't hit the mark to me in any way.  I didn't care about these girls,  I didn't care about Stuntman Mike, and I don't give a crap about your boyfriend who doesn't call you, or the douche bags trying to fuck you.  It would have been different if it was like Planet Terror, with no character development and just balls to the wall action.  Instead he wanted to build characters, and tell story, which I was not interested in, and seemed too short to allow Quentin to tell his full story that might have made it good.  

The ending was good.  I would say the ending was really good.  It is good enough to justify the rest of the movie to you to watch.  It is a tough sale for those coming off of Planet Terror.  I think separately, this one could be good for a lot of people, a more broad audience will be accepting of Death Proof if you watch it by itself, but I still don't think it was that great.  I would say if you ever came across it on DVD and it happened to be on, you wouldn't mind seeing it.  I wouldn't go out to the theater to see it by itself without the rest of Grindhouse backing it up. 

3 stars 

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