Master Pancake Theater: Madmax Beyond Thunderdome

Master pancake theater mad max


This review is only going to make sense to people who live in or around Austin.  It is for a show that goes on at the Alamo Drafthouse.  It is the spin off of the Mr. Sinus show that was very popular.  

Master Pancake Theater is the new name of the same show that Mr. Sinus was, well the same show for the most part.  It still has John Erler and Joe Parsons.  Joe came on as a regular of the Mr. Sinus show later in it's run to mostly replace Jerm Pollet.  During their intro to Mad Max, Pancake said they have a rotating 3rd.  For my showing I did not catch his name.   He is in the middle of the picture above.  On the blue trampoline. 

I am happy to say that the Mr. Sinus show format you know and love is still there for the most part.  It is still jokes over bad movies, there is still a funny skit in the middle, and there is still a drinking game that is designed to get you drunk beyond your wildest dreams.  I am not as happy to report that this particular show, the first Master Pancake Theater showing for me, was only about 60% as funny as most Mr. Sinus shows.  

Before we get into anything about the show, I do have to say that the theater was only about half full, maybe even less, which is nothing like a Mr. Sinus show, where they are having to turn people away because it sold on the week before.  So that might of had something to do with the felling of the show.  Also the movie didn't have a lot of dialogue, so it might of had a little less material to make fun of.  However saying all that, it was only so-so funny, and at no point was I in pain or crying and holding my sides because I was laughing so hard, which was common place at a Mr. Sinus show.  It seemed like a lot less jokes, and everything about it was one step down from the old Mr. Sinus.  It was still good just not tell everyone in Austin they have to go to it good. 

There were some new elements.  The skit in the middle added a dance troupe, and there were some new tricks done with music during the movie which were pretty funny.  It seems like they have some good ideas, but don't have the jokes yet, to get those premium comedy gold laughs.  They will be doing Pretty Woman next month and we will go again to see if they can do better than Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.  

3 stars 

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