Shortbus Poster

Rated: NR

Running Time: 101 Minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: Tons, and all kinds of other nudity on both men and women.  

One Sentence: It was like straight and gay pron with some sort of message in the middle.

I am sure you are dying to hear it from someone.  Something about this movie, outside of the art film people.  Wait, let me start again.  I am sure a lot of you have never even heard of this movie, the others that have are dying to know if it is any good at all, they do not want to risk renting it first, taking up precious space in their queue.  In case you don't know why this movie is of any importance, it's because this is the movie with the real sex in it, but isn't porn.  All the actors had real sex, and it was show during the movie.  Straight and gay.  So there has been a buzz of controversy about it and if it is actually good and worth seeing.  However no one actually has said at least to me that they have even seen it.  So I took it upon myself to watch it.  So I can inform my loyal readers what to do with this one.  

Unless you are totally sold on the fact that there are real actors, having real sex, then this movie is totally skippable.  If you have a gay sex phobia, it will really turn you off.  This movie has complete and full depictions of straight and gay sex.  However it also has a story line, that is executed by the actors having the sex.  As suspected, I think by most people, that anyone willing to have full on sex on camera, might not have the best acting chops.  I think for the most part this is true.  The acting, especially by the gay threesome was horrible.  The acting was pretty bad throughout, and left me not able to get into whatever was going on in the story.  

The story, or plot, was about as good as the acting.  Poorly executed, and leaving me wondering what the point of the whole movie was.  I still am not sure after leaving it and thinking back on it, what the point was.  What the message was, and why we needed to have this movie made.  It wasn't a bad idea, I just didn't get it, and it didn't offend me or anything like that, I just was completely unimpressed with almost all of it.   It didn't even redeem itself with being particularly sexy, it seemed like stale boring sex, except for a few scenes.  I am not backing up a rental recommendation for this movie at all.  Take it out of the queue. 

2 stars 

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