Sanjaya Gone, but was it America’s choice?


Sanjaya Mohawk
Sanjaya was finally removed from American Idol last night.  I say removed instead of voted out, because, how is it that someone that has never been in the bottom 3 before last night.  Get in the bottom 3 and get voted out.  I do agree that his performance from the night before was the worst performance, but it seems like his cult status was carrying him far.  He had bad performances before, yet he was even in the TOP 3 previous nights.   Suddendly there seems to be a backlash against him from the show, and he suddendly gets voted out.  As his popularity is growing?

On April 4th, an Executive producer said "Personally I don't expect him to be there at the end, but you never know.  It's not up to me; it's up to the public.  Americans normally get it right in the end… I'm pretty confident Sanjaya will not be the American Idol this year,"  then 2 nights ago Simon pretty much comes out and says it's time for him to go.  Suddendly he is voted out, or didn't get enough votes.  He has not been in the bottom 3 at all, and now he is out.  This has happened before, I am not saying it is not unheard of.  I am just saying that I think that for this particular situation, it was not America's choice.  It just seems like it would be in the best interest of the producers to cut him off before he gets too popular.  

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