Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 121 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: British police cars have a lot of colors on them.

The review for this is really simple.  If you liked Shaun of the Dead, then you will like Hot Fuzz.  If you didn't like Shaun of the Dead then you will not like Hot Fuzz.  Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and  Edgar Wright nail it again, this time with a cop theme.  I don't want to say that this movie is exactly the same as Shaun of the Dead, because it isn't.  So don't get me wrong, I am just saying that it felt like a very similar style.  

Funny, lots of action, dry British humor, and full on slapstick humor, Hot Fuzz has something for almost everyone.  While it tries to do so much, it doesn't lack in any department, keeping everything fresh, well done, and really funny.  What is really amazing about this movie and Shaun if this mix of Action and real comedy.  Not forced written comedy that is pushed into an action movie, but Action that is well done, inside of a comedy movie.  It is executed so well and feels like it is part of the situations, and doesn't seem forced, or hollywood, or synethetic.   

I think that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost help keep it real with a comedy background, but seem to naturally work in this action world.  They are not action superstars, but portray it better and more realistic that most action stars.  It makes for a really great movie, where disbelief is suspended, because it is so close to a real situation.  It just works.  Everyone involved made Hot Fuzz another great movie, and I think worth the rental for almost anyone, even if you didn't see Shaun of the Dead, I think you will like Hot Fuzz.  Add it to the queue. 

4 stars

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