Alamo Drafthouse Downtown anounces close date.

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Well it is official the Alamo Drafthouse downtown will close it's doors on June 27th.  Almost 2 months from today!  I do not even remember that the first ADH downtown show I went to was.  It has been such a part of my Austin life.  I remember I think the first show I went to I sat on the couches up at the top of the theater, because they looked the most comfortable.  I later understood why they were not filled.  Sitting in the couches was not the best to eat food with.  I think it might have been a Spike and Mike's sick and twisted festival of animation.

I remember some amazing shows at the downtown location.  I took Libertie, my gf, to our first Mr. Sinus show there, it was Lost Boys, and since then we have been to every Sinus show.  Back then it was still called Mister Sinus Theater 3000.   I remember watching 100 best kills there, still one of my favorite Alamo shows.  My first episode of Buffy was seen there, before I understood it.  I got dragged to the Buffy Sing-A-Long and they played "faith" before it.  Which if you have never seen Buffy before, mixing "faith" and "Once more with feeling" together on the same night, doesn't really make a lot of sense.  It took another year before I would consider watching another episode of Buffy.  I have seen Air Guitar championships, and someone eating a pie out of another girls crotch there.  I remember seeing some weird, weird wednesday movies.  The list could go on forever.  I will miss the old place for sure.

The new place promises to bring a better downtown Alamo to 6th street in Austin.  2 screens, and a better building and more space are going to make that much more available downtown programming.  I am sure Tim and Kerry and the rest of the Alamo staff will not disappoint.  Look for the new ADH opening sometime after the summer.   

For more info check out this post.

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