Curse Of The Golden Flower

Curse Of The Golden Flower Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 114 minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: This is not a kung fu movie.

Yes, this is not a kung fu movie.  There is some fighting in it, but that is not the focus of this film.  I think we were all led to believe by the many many imports that look like this, and the previews that this is a fighting movie and it is not.  I would not even rate it as an action movie.  This is a foreign drama.  A beautiful foreign drama, but drama none the less.  So keep a heads up for that if you are wanting to rent this.

Visually this movie has very few better than it.  Sets, costuming, lighting and usage of color, it is truly a vibrant and beautiful film.  Each scene is put together, so well that I could probably be ok with just watching these scenes over and over again with no plot or story, and it would keep me entertained for a while.  Gold, red, yellow, and every other color turned the Forbidden City in a living breathing palace worthy of the Emperor Of China.

A tale of betrayal and power, this story is almost as wonderfully told as it looks.  Wonderful acting by Li Gong as Empress Phoenix was powerful and believable, even spoken in Chinese.  It felt so right.  Everything put together in a way that gave way to a life and time that I was in and could secretly peer into.  It is a beautiful movie and a good story.  I think many would enjoy this if you can get over the subtitles. 

4 stars 

  • Josh

    Curse of the Golden Flower is an excelent movie. I usually dont care much for drama but this movie Completely blew my mind. Its acting, scenes, and setting all blended together to create an awsome movie

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