Top 5 Group Writing Project Day 1

Top 5 Wow, 132 submissions for day one of the Top 5 group writing project.  So much stuff.  Luckily for you I have gone through and picked out the ones that I think fit in with the theme of The Reviewer and I will list them all below.  However there were a lot of good posts as that did not fit exactly in with The Reviewer, so if you want to see the full list check them out here.  Below are my picks of other top 5 posts you should check out. 

I will have another list tomorrow hopefully, there were a lot more great posts, I would check them all out if you are looking for some awesome blogging goodness.  

  • Woah! Thank you very much for putting my blog on your list ^_^

    I really appreciate it! ^_^

  • Hey, Thanks a lot for mentioning my blog. 😀

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