Top 5 Group Writing Project Day 3

Top 5 Isn't this fun.  We just keep on truckin with the Top 5 Group writing project.  What really is going on here, is I am avoiding writing movie reviews because I do not have any.  Well I have 1, but that is it, and I am holding onto it since it's a DVD.  I also have 2 independents coming up, a documentary, and a short.  I promise in like 2 weeks, you are going to see a lot more movie reviews, stupid end of season TV, and housework.  As always if you want to see the whole list of 222 posts from day three click here.  Below is the list of Top 5's that I think the readers of The Reviewer would like to check out.  There are a lot today. 

9 today!  There is just too much blogging going on for me to keep track of it all.  I am worn out.  

  • Thanks for the recommendation to your viewers. I’m happy you liked mine.

    –Will Thompson

  • Hey, thanks for pointing me out to your readers!

  • Wow, I’m glad you liked my Top 5! 🙂 Thanks for linking!

  • C47

    I’m glad you found the post interesting. Thanks for the link.

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