Top 5 Group Writing Project Day 4

Top 5 Group Writing Project Day 4 ImageWill it ever end?  Do we really want it to end?  With all the awesome pouring out all over the place do we really ever want this to stop.  Well, I would like it too because I actually have to get back to some movie reviews.  However we are still trucking with the group writing project.  Today the most submissions so far, 297 new blog posts ranging from funny to very informative.  If you want to read all of them click here for today's full list.  Below is The Reviewers best of Day 4 list.  

11 new posts from The Reviewer to you.  Do you like these?  Anyone's you think were really awesome from the whole project? 

  • Jason of TVaholic

    I came across your site when you linked to my post about the “Five TV Shows on the Bubble That Should Be Saved” from the ProBlogger group writing project. The couple of times I have participated in these projects, I always find a few new blogs to add to my feed reader. I also enjoyed the “Top 5 Supporting Characters on The Office.”

    I presently, also, write movie reviews in the hopes that someone will read them some day at . I usually only see one new movie a week, not four or so as you do, but being the TVaholic, watching TV takes up a lot of my time. Yet, this new project has gotten me out to my local theater 22 times already this year.

    In your review of Spider-Man 3, I couldn’t agree more about Mary Jane and her lack of communication skills with her boyfriend.

    • The Reviewer

      Yea, TV can take up a lot of time a lot of good stuff on TV too. It’s so hard to choose one over the other sometimes.

  • Todd Howard

    Thanks a lot for adding my post “Top 5 greatest collaborative renderings of a fictional male character in movies and tv” to your best of day 4 list. Very kind of you. Good to find your site as well! That group writing project stuff is a lot of fun, and I think it really does start to spark community and connectedness between so many great, like-minded folks.

    Very cool – keep up the good work, and thanks again for the love! :)) Should I call you “The”? Or “Mr. Reviewer?” ;-)



    • The Reviewer

      I like The Reviewer, but actually you can just call me Mikey, or The Reviewer, or Dave, my name isn’t Dave, but I guess if you wanted to you could call me that.

  • Trey Dempster

    I found this post to be very good. I have went through and read many of your articles. They are amazing!