28 Weeks Later

28 Weeks Later Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 99 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: 1 pair

One Sentence: It's like the first one, only half a year later.

28 days later was awesome.  It really made everyone look at what a zombie movie could be.  That you can change the rules, and make an amazing movie.  Fast paced, great shots, wild camera shake and lots of zombie gore.  So we obviously have to make a sequel.  28 Weeks Later is that sequel.  

We complain when they try to go a different direction with a movie, or muck up the characters.  Like Spider-Man 3.  Now I will complain when they do not change it up at all, and make the exact same movie with different characters.  There needs to be some sort of middle ground where a sequel doesn't suck.  Very few never ever find that ground.  

28 Weeks later is the same movie as 28 days later, a little shorter but otherwise the same.  I mean it's not identical, but overall the format is extremely similar.  There are kids in this one, that are the main focus, the ending is different but to get to that ending you have to sit through the same thing as part 1.  However now we have seen it before, it's not new, it's not edgy anymore, it feels tired.   The shots are the same, it's got some scary ragey zombies, and they make more zombies.  However in this one, we care less about the people, because they are distant, and don't speak to us at all.  It might speak to other people that have a soft spot for kids, but that card didn't play with me.  

I hate it that I am complaining about it being the same movie, because the first was so good, but there needs to be some sort of progression.  It shouldn't change the characters or the story completly but there needs to be something where we can say well that is new, or I haven't thought about it that way before.  It just didn't do that.  The movie still is all right, and if you liked the first one, renting this will not make you want to go all ragey on your fellow movie watchers, but it's not the 5 star movie the first one was, are they ever though?

3 stars 

  • I didn’t like it. *wrinkles nose*

    It wasn’t even good enough to make up for the gore, it was just gross. And dumb. People are dumb. And zombie movies give me nightmares. >=(

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