Man Mugged By Geese

As I have said before, this is not really a movie review site, it's a site that I maintain that has a lot of movie reviews in it, between reports of goose attacks.  Today I bring you some new goose attack news. 


 Goose Attack

Man mugged by gang of geese!  

A 23 year old Student, Sam Rozati, was attacked by a gang of 4 geese as he walked past their territory.  They pecked and bit and flew over head till he dropped his phone.  One of the attackers, took the phone and disappeared into the goose gang hideout.  His searches for the phone have been unsuccessful as it is on silent. 

The article has come from The Sun.   

Obviously Sam is unaware of the awesome power of the geese and their network of cell phone theft to resell on the black market.  If only he had read The Reviewer, he might have known and still had his phone today.  Remember everyone that the goose has awesome power, and should always be respected.  For all goose articles from The Reviewer click here.  As always if you have any goose attack news, please report it to me as soon as possible, for the safety of all my readers.  


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