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Man Mugged By Geese

As I have said before, this is not really a movie review site, it's a site that I maintain that has a lot of movie reviews in it, between reports of goose attacks.  Today I bring you some new goose attack news.      Man mugged by gang of geese!   A 23 year old […]

Top 5 Group Writing Project Day 4

Will it ever end?  Do we really want it to end?  With all the awesome pouring out all over the place do we really ever want this to stop.  Well, I would like it too because I actually have to get back to some movie reviews.  However we are still trucking with the group writing […]

Top 5 Group Writing Project Day 3

Isn't this fun.  We just keep on truckin with the Top 5 Group writing project.  What really is going on here, is I am avoiding writing movie reviews because I do not have any.  Well I have 1, but that is it, and I am holding onto it since it's a DVD.  I also have […]

Top 5 Group Writing Project Day 2

Day 2!  There were almost twice as many Top 5 articles submitted on Day 2, than Day 1.  So there way a whole lot more to go through.  As before if you want to check out the ones that are outside the realm of The Reviewer, then check out the day 2 list here.   […]

Top 5 Group Writing Project Day 1

Wow, 132 submissions for day one of the Top 5 group writing project.  So much stuff.  Luckily for you I have gone through and picked out the ones that I think fit in with the theme of The Reviewer and I will list them all below.  However there were a lot of good posts as […]

Top Five part 3 movies of all time.

This month, there are 3 of the biggest part 3's to come out, since well ever.  Most likely they will smash box office records when each one comes out.  Spider-Man 3 already did so, with 148 million for the weekend.  Shrek 3 is on it's way the 18th, and Pirates of the Caribbean 3 docks […]

Spider-Man 3

Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 140 Minutes Year: 2007 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: 1 villian and 1 dance scene too long. Ok so I have this idea for Spider-Man 3.  Let's take the most popular Spider-Man Villan of our target demographic age group, and let's slim him down to a secondary villan with no effect on […]

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