Babel Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 143 Minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: One Pair

One Sentence: I need a stress relieving massage after this.

Is it bad that I am not just getting to one of the movies that were nominated for Best Picture of 2006?  We have had this DVD at our house since Feburary.  We have just been busy, and the movie was long and we were tied to too many TV shows.  So we finally watched it.  I am glad I watched it.  Does anyone need to watch it?  Are you a film student?  Do you enjoy deep narratives about global situations and communication?  If you didn't answer yes to both those questions, then no you don't need to watch Babel. 

I enjoy movies.  I can have fun in a horribly made blockbuster because it is generally fun.  I enjoy movies that are created to be enjoyed though.  I could never say that anyone watching this film would say it was an enjoyable experience.  This is why I hardly ever watch these types of movies.  Yes it was made well, it had something to say and the performances were exceptional.  But now I want to jump off a bridge.  It was 4 separate stories that were all stressful.  They were great stories, and I thought that people who watched and studied film would appreciate the quality and power that was put into them, but I am just hurting thinking about them now.

I should not shield myself from these types of movies, they make us have discussions, look at things that might not be pure Hollywood and maybe even talk about them with friends or family, make us aware of something.  It just is hard to even say, yes, this movie while good, is gonna make you feel stressed, scare, sad, and helpless.  So run out and rent it today.  If you are into self torture.

4 stars 

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