Ocean’s 13

Ocean’s 13 Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 122 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: So much better than Ocean's 12.

Ocean's 11 was probably my favorite movie the year it came out.  It was just so perfect to me.  Great cast, great story, smart, funny, everything I look for in a movie for me.  So it was with great anticipation that I heard there would be an Ocean's 12.  I was filled with great sadness when I left the theater.  That movie was crap.  I hated it.  I think I might have given it 1 star.  That is how much I hated it.  So when I heard 13 was coming out I was hopeful yet scared.  There were a few things that were looking up before I even saw the movie, Al Pacino was in the movie, and Julia Roberts was not.  So far so good. 

Ocean's 13 did everything right I think.  It was the sequel that 12 should have been.  It was back in Vegas, which some might complain about, but that was about the only thing similar to the first movie.  This movie I guess would fit into the complex heist type movie.  However it wasn't a heist, well not completely, if that makes any sense.  I am sure it doesn't.  It will when you watch it.  Which I think you all should watch it, especially anyone who liked the first one. 

The whole cast is back, except for Julia Roberts, and they are great.  They added Ellen Barkin who I have always liked.  She has gotten a little plastic looking, but I thought she did great.  Eddie Izzard was also in it, he is the 13th.  Al Pacino who played the great asshole so well.  Julian Sands also showed up, which is awesome I missed him.  Everyone else were great.  This cast just works so well together, great outfits, and extreme character acting in some parts, just led to more and more awesome scenes and a full complex heist/revenge story.  Satisfying, funny, smart and a damn good time at the movies.  This is an upper 4 star for me.  Add it to the queue today if you are not going to the theater to see it. 

4 stars


  • Tim

    So we know it was better than 12 (but really, what wasn’t?) – how does it compare to 11?

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