Epic Movie

Epic Movie Poster

Rated: NR

Running Time: 93 Minutes?  It showed 80 on my DVD

Year: 2006

Boobs: 2 pairs (I assume zero in the theater release)

One Sentence: Epic Failure.

I think we all know this movie was going to suck.  Since Scary Movie they have tried to make lighting strike in the same place twice and just have never been able to do it.  There has been a serious lack of quality in spoof movies.  Epic Movie really comes up to bat, trying hard, with a solid cast, and a sort of good spoof script.  It is almost good.  Almost, except for the most important part or a spoof movie.  Being funny, this movie was defiantly not funny.  

These guys, who made this movie, did the work on Date Movie and Scary Movie 4.  I assume they brought their set people too, because one thing that is really amazing in all of these movies, is the spoof sets.  They produce exact replicas except for the spoof twists, and they are freaking great.  The Willy Wonka set, and the Narnia sets are solid, and I bet they did them at a 10th of the price.   Whoever does their set work.  Those guys are great.   Another really good think about this movie, is the people they get to play the spoof actors.  They go quite well, making fun of and looking like Paris Hilton, Sam Jackson and tons of others.  It is sad they don't have any funny lines, because the look of the movie is just great. 

So they have all these great people, Kal Penn (White Castle), Jayma Mays (Cute Girl), Carmen Electra, Crispin Glover, Jennifer Coolidge, Fred Willard, David Carradine, Darryl Hammond, and Crista Flanagan, who I mean none of these people are winning oscars, but the combination should at least have some sort of comedy skill.  Sadly it just didn't come out at all.  I think I laughed out loud twice, and it was a stretch, because I was bored and trying to find this movie to be funny.  They could do so well if they got some better writers too, sets, costumes, format, casting all were so good, but they could not write a joke to save their lives. It was like someone who used to write jokes for infomercials was writing the script.  So sadly I have to say skip this one, no need to even rent it. 

2 stars 

  • max

    The Epic Movie!! Rated 15/ unrated ?

    I have never seen any of the ‘scary movies’ but i bet they are good with the epic movie i think it is well made and has it is a good idea to include loads of other movies. Movies have to catch your eye and be funny and i think that this movie is one of the funniest!!!!!!!!!! and best movie in the world!!! it is awsome wel done to the ‘2 of the 6 writes of the scary movies’ good gob to every think!!!! EPIC MOVIE RULES

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