July 25th Alamo Drafthouse Blogathon, and Contest!

Alamo Drafthouse Passes


In less than 1 week the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown will be closing it's doors.  They will be opening again soon at a new location, but we will still be saddened by the loss of the great old Drafthouse.  So let's remeber! 

Jette Kernion at Slackerwood is having an Alamo Drafthouse Blogathon on the 25th.  Where all the bloggers of the world will blog about their good times at the Alamo Drafthouse, but why should I and all the bloggers have all the fun?!? 

So I am giving away 2 passes to The Alamo Drafthouse!  That's right.  2 free passes!   All you have to do, is tell us your favorite downtown Drafthouse story, or any Alamo story for that matter, on the 25th, on the blogathon post.  I will tell you which one to post on.  It can be a story about the first time you went.  A show you saw there, food you ate that was just to die for, anything really!  Just tell us a story and you will be entered for the tickets.  I will draw from all the people that left the comment and if you get picked I will send you the passes.  

These passes are good at the Downtown, Village, and South Lamar locations only.  Sorry North Creek and Other Texas Locations.  Any excuse for a trip to Austin is a good excuse though.  So get your stories ready for the 25th.  See you then. 

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