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Today is the day where we remember The Alamo Drafthouse Downtown.  Leave a comment telling us what you remember about the downtown location.  You first time.  You best time.   Your worst time?   The food?  The events?  The people that you have met?  Anything at all, just post post post!   If you do leave a comment telling us any story about the Alamo you will be entered in our contest for 2 free drafthouse passes.  It's my way of saying thanks for reading, and to spread some Alamo Love!  So let's see what you love about the Alamo Drafthouse.   


I moved to Austin on Dec. 27th 1999.   I think the first thing I ever went to at The Alamo was Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation, with my then girlfriend.  I had never heard of this place.  We were there early for some reason, we got lucky I guess.  So we had our pick of seats, and we choose the couches at the top of the theater.  I have never sat in those couches again, because 2 hours on them just didn't work well.  However since that day, I have spend at least 1 day a week at some alamo theater.  Weird Wednesday's. Terror Thursday's.  Sing-A-Longs.  Tons and tons of other events.  Too many great shows to name, but we are going to look at some of my favorites.  Please bare with the pictures.  They were taken in a dark theater with no flash sometimes, so they might not be the best pics. 

Austin Air Guitar
The Guitarinist melting faces at the first Austin Air Guitar

Austin Air Guitar was one of the most creative and odd things I have ever seen in my life.  Men and Women fighting for the Air Guitar Championship.  This wasn't just a local thing, if you won, you could go all the way to the world finals.  My favorite of the show I saw was The Guitarinist, who killed with an ultra-metal track, spandex shorts and a killer routine.  Complete with smashed Air Guitar at the end.  However the whole night was filled with creativity, and even a guy who just wanted to get in, but didn't have a ticket, so got up on stage to compete.  A very great time to be had by all, and one of the things that seems to make Austin, Austin. 


100 Best Kills.  This was a show that is just as it is named.  The 100 best kills in movies of all time.  A compiled show of just the scenes from the best kills in movies, from Final Destination to Friday The 13th and everything in between.  So many great kills.  I would love to see it again, or maybe see a Another 100 Best Kills.  This was one of the best shows Downtown ever had.


Alamo Drafthouse World Premeire of Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.
White Castle Hidden Somewhere in Austin

Rolling Roadshows.  Now I know they are not exactly Downtown, but they sure are in the spirit of Downtown.  I have sat in the water during Jaws, raced around Austin looking for a White Castle, gone underground and felt the earth move during Earthquake, and saw the World Premiere of Freddy Vs. Jason, along with quite a few other events.  The Rolling Roadshow, is one of the coolest things the Drafthouse has to offer.  A movie experience like no other.  If you have never been to one.  Look when a special event is happening and go to one.  They are so much fun and worth ever penny.  

Freddy Vs Jason World Premeire
Camp HackenSlash

All of the things above are just awesome and made me help say that Austin is the place for me and The Drafthouse is the best place to watch a movie, but the last item on my list is just the best thing the Alamo Downtown has ever had grace it's screen. 

Owen, John, Jerm…The Sinus Show.  The funniest thing in Austin by far.  The most creative, stupid, hilarious show featuring ugly mostly naked men you will see in your lifetime.  I have seen just about every Sinus show there has ever been, and I have to say I never left without being in pain from laughing so hard.   One time, my gf went to the bathroom, and John tried to get all of the theater to climb into the back room before she came back so she would think the theater was empty.  Sadly we couldn't all fit.  It was hilarious seeing her come back and we are half way in the back room trying to cram more people in there.  

The Sinus Show
Owen and John making out during Top Gun

Those 3 guys made making fun of movies an art, and it was just awesome every show.  Owen, John and Jerm are a class act just like The Alamo Drafthouse.  Good food, events and people.  Staying true to it's roots and Austin's.   Tim and Kerry League, I thank you and hope your new home at The Ritz will serve you and us well.  I can't wait for the next 10 years, I hope they are better than the last! 

For more Austin Memories check out Slackerwood, for other posts on the Alamo Blogathon!

  • Freddie VS Jason was probably the most memorable for me – staying up all night in the middle of the woods watching horror movies! Super scary stuff!!!

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