Transformers Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 144 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence:  Micheal Bay should never make a decision about music in his movies ever again.

Before I get into my glowing review of Transformers, I have to say this.  Michael Bay, your music choices suck horribly, and your music advisers are ruining your movies.  They make what could be a 5 star movie and knock it down to a 4, because the music is so cheesy that you just feel sick from having to digest all that cheese.  I can't take it anymore, no more music choices, fire everyone that deals with music, and never make an opinion on it ever again, let someone with a proven track record with music make those choices, because you can not make the right choice. 

Aside from the music, this movie is almost totally badass.  With some action sequences, that literally left me with my mouth gapping open and my body tensed up.  I don't know what perfect storm happened to make Micheal Bay not suck donkey balls, and destroy this movie, but he did great.  While there were some moments that seemed a little cheesy, I think if you look at Transformers the cartoon, it was equally cheesy, and the movie didn't stray from the tradition of generation 1.  I am happy to say, that this movie is really worth seeing in the theater, and I would argue, that unless you have an amazing system at your house, the only way to see this movie is at the theater.  There were things in that just have never been done before, and they are stellar.  I thought anything with Starscream in it, was some of the best seamless CG I have ever seen in my life.  

Even the storyline, plot and acting was not in normal Michael Bay form, with a plot and script, that made sense, and suspended disbelief almost entirely.  Shia and Megan were pretty good, Shia especially, who was funny, smart, witty and action packed.  The kid made it happen and didn't seem overwhelmed by the challenge he faced here.  The supporting cast of the Transformers, led by original Prime voice actor Peter Cullen, felt like old friends and powerful heroes or enemies.  No where did I think to myself about any part of the movie, that it was lame, or broke with the tradition of the original generation 1 storyline.  Even the music gets overlooked because the action and story is so awesome, that the music is just an afterthought.  Go see this movie today if you have time, I think you will enjoy it.  

I'm giving a weak 5, because I really didn't like the music, but I had so much fun otherwise, that I am taking away the music deduction. 
5 Stars 

  • I LOVED this movie it is probably one of my all time favorite movies now.
    After I saw it I wanted to get back in line to watch it again.
    Non stop nail biting action(literally I bit off ALL my nails, one finger was actually bleeding.) We watched it at the Alamo and I didnt even touch my food. *sad*
    Shia La Beouf is a great actor, I have liked him since Disney. He’s funny and geeky and a good actor(a cute too).

    I hope you aren’t talking about the music with the whole bumble Bee scenes. I thought that was great.
    I give this movie a very high 5!!
    I almost think it kicked Harry POtters ass. but they are so different I’m still not sure I need to watch it for a third time.

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